Mucinex D AddictionMucinex D addiction is growing by leaps and bounds in the United States. A Forever Recovery sees this in addicts because of the euphoric side effects obtained when high on Mucinex D. Mucinex D is used for the treatment of cough and mucus build up. This drug contains pseudoephedrine, an ingredient used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. It can cause a person to experience many of the same side effects of methamphetamine but in shorter amounts of time and with less potency. Mucinex D can be bought over the counter, but only a limited amount of the medication can be purchased at one time.

When someone is suffering from Mucinex D addiction, it is easy to spot. The person will experience weight loss, have glassy eyes, seem out of it, and constantly be working or cleaning. The drug causes a person to go into overdrive and continues to do so until the high is over. Whenever a person comes down off of a high from Mucinex D they will begin to have mood swings and not feel as motivated to work.

Pseudoephedrine and Mucinex D Addiction

Addiction to over-the-counter medicines containing pseudoephedrine is just as dangerous as addiction to illegal drugs. It can cause liver and kidney damage and can cause a person to internally and externally diminish.

If you are living with an addiction to Mucinex D and you are ready to get help, contact A Forever Recovery drug rehab today. We understand that Mucinex D addiction is serious and we will be there to guide you every step of the way until you have completely overcame your Mucinex D addiction. Call A Forever Recovery drug rehab today to get started in the planning of your Mucinex D addiction treatment.

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